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Navarathri special


  • Be well hydrated with water. Other fluids like fresh fruit juices & milk can also be an option. These will cleanse your toxins and maintain an optimum fluidity in your body.
  • Eat frequently in small gaps. Certain food like dry fruits and fruits comes to help here.
  • Avoid fried food like potato chips and wadas. Opt for healthier options like rajgira rotis, baked/boiled potatoes.
  • Low fat curd is a good option which can be mixed with fruits and salad.
  • Opt for buttermilk/green tea rather than canned juices.
  • Replace salt with rock salt or lemon juice.
  • Have 2 dates per day, which will maintain your body blood sugar level.
  • Sweet potato would be a better option than potatoes.
  • Add jeera water in your diet to avoid gastric issues.

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