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Anti Ageing

Our skin is the one which is exposed to all sorts of things such as bad weather, sun, harmful habits, stress etc.

There are things which can be controlled and some things which cannot be controlled. Thing which is not in our control is natural ageing process.  Again this depends on the lifestyle, hereditary, personal habits, stress. Medically we call it as extrinsic ageing which is the result of environmental and lifestyle changes. With few of the preventive measures this factor of ageing can be slowed down considerably.

How does ageing gracefully relate to modern context?

Ageing gracefully is having a sound body both mental as well as physical ( though not that strong). This in the modern times is taken as a dread with the inability to cope up with the rushing hour. This mostly happens due to unpreparedness at psychological level. Conscious aging is the new way of living the older age not just clogging in the cultural bondage with the youngster and living it off with the respect and wisdom.

Skin changes noticed during the ageing:

  1. Skin becomes dry and rough
  2. There is thinning of epidermis because of which skin becomes transparent
  3. Skin becomes bruised easily since it becomes more fragile with age.
  4. It loses its elasticity and becomes slack.
  5. Drooping of eyelids and sunken eyes are few more of the symptoms.

 Ways to protect the skin from premature ageing:

  1. Sun protection: Apply a generous amount of sunscreen lotion ( SPF 30 or more) to the exposed area of the skin at least 3-4 times a day. Sun’s ultraviolet rays damages the fiber of skin called Elastin. Avoid sun exposure between 11 AM TO 4 PM. Wear caps/hats or carry an umbrella during this period of the day.
  2. Healthy and nutritious diet: Have content fruits and fresh vegetables to slow down the ageing process. Excessive sugar and carb food have to be avoided as it accelerates ageing.
  3. Moisturizing: Use of moisturizer as per the skin texture is another simplest way to dodge ageing.
  4. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: These causes the skin to age prematurely by making it appear sallow and sunken.
  5. Active physical activity: Moderate to active exercises can help boost the immunity as well as the metabolism of the body further slowing up the ageing process.
  6. Cosmetics: Avoid the fancy usage of unnecessary cosmetic products which not only ruins the internal health of the skin but also challenges the validity of skin survival instinct slowly.

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