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Body Contouring

What is it?

–  Body contouring is a procedure of expelling unwanted deposits of fat or cellulite and excess sagging skin from previously obese body. This helps in reshaping of the body giving it a better proportionate and smooth appearance. The results of body contouring are generally long-lasting, provided that you maintain a regular diet protocols and general fitness.

What is the treatment process?

– Precise non surgical body contouring is done with combination of Ultrasonic lipolysis, Endermology (suction massage), Radio frequency, Laser therapy, Thermage, Face lift, Mesotherapy. Surgical procedure like liposuction, bariatic surgery is effective but has inherent risk of surgery, hospitalization and anesthesia.  Body contouring procedures may  include tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh tuck, back tuck, face lift, breast lift, lower body tuck.

Non surgical ones are safe and are considered as lunch time procedure where patients can return home the same day with minimal recovery period. Results are invariably seen within a week after procedure, for the final results require couple of weeks depending upon the physicality and the medical issues of the patient. The unwanted fat is targeted in the problematic area and is gently removed to achieve a smooth appearance of the body. These unwanted fats are mostly seen in abdomen, thighs, back, and hips region of the body.


– Procedure takes more or less an hour. It’s a lunch time procedure.

No cuts/ stitches/ anesthesia /injections/ rest and are very safe. Recovery period is minimal. It additionally leaves positive impact on the patient’s thoughts and changes his point of view forever. Persistent feels roused to look after weight, radical change in confidence ,appreciate physical solace, enhanced personal satisfaction and mental self portrait.


-Being a non surgical treatment, it may take multiple treatment  for complete results to be seen.

Localized burning and redness are sometimes noticed post treatment which heals within few hours.

On account of the huge measure of skin to be removed with body contouring surgery, there are more prominent related dangers than with standard non surgical ones.

Cost bracket

-The cost of the treatment depends on various factors like the type of the treatment used, procedure done, anesthesia required and experience of the practioner as well as the geographical location. It again varies from individual to individual based on amount of excess fat and the treatment required. The non surgical ones are lesser in cost than the surgical ones.

Choose your doctor based on quality, training and experience and not cost.

Who is this treatment recommended for?

– Particularly useful for those who have tried all means of weight loss but have not achieved considerable change.

One who is unable to diet, exercise and their extra weight is posing danger to their health.

It works miraculously on people having stubborn fat/cellulite in otherwise non obese people and also on people who wish to achieve a slimmer look without having to undergo surgical procedure.

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