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manjri puranik fat loss program

Fat loss analysis and treatment – By Dr.Manjiri Puranik (Founder Insta-Sculpt Clinic)

Dr.Manjiri Puranik (MBBS. MD.) a Harvard certified obesity physician and founder of Insta-Sculpt Clinics in India, UAE and Kuwait, says, “In my clinical practice of more than two decades, I have found that everybody desires only one thing – successful weight loss. In the pursuit of weight loss, people try all kinds of crazy diets and do grueling exercises to no effect. The weight you have lost always seems to come back with additional fat. Have you been struggling with this? Let me tell you that the root cause of weight gain is not given enough importance. After undergoing various weight loss programs without any permanent results, patients come to me as last resort.”
Anyone can identify a person who is unhappy with their body shape. They have a dull and dry face, sunken eyes with dark circles, early signs of ageing, lumpy body with unequal fat distribution, emotional instability, multiple body chemistry tests showing severely low Haemoglobin, vitamins, hormonal imbalance with gallstones, high BP, insulin resistant diabetes and the list goes on.
“At our clinic, we first assess the overall status of the patient, which includes diagnostic blood profile, hormonal assays and inflammatory markers. We begin the process of improving functionality of the body and making cells healthy with Metabolic Cell Therapy. This helps the blood chemistry and hormone levels return to normalcy. The body slowly starts moving towards a natural healthy state, from fat storing to fat burning. The focus of Metabolic Cell Therapy is to reset the body metabolism by shedding unwanted fat and keeping it off for good. The stubborn fat or cellulite is dealt with by using body sculpting fat loss laser. This removes fat pockets on hip, thighs, abdomen and any other area, which typically does not respond to diet or exercise. Laser body sculpting is designed in such a way that it removes fat bulges on specific areas without any pain, wound or surgery. It is quick, efficient, and safe and FDA approved. The aim is to achieve your dream body while enjoying the perks of weight loss” she explains.

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