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dark circles

How to reduce the pigmentation – dark circles

Development of freckles and skin pigmentation are a result of environmental factors, sunlight and the natural passage of time. Sun exposure causes the first parts of the body such as hands, face and chest to show ageing signs. Pigmented lesions include freckles, dark circles, age spots and pigmented skin. It is caused by melanocytes which are formed due to melanin production in larger quantities in the cells of the skin.

E-light technology, which is a combination of radio frequency (RF) and charged energy light (IPL) has found great success as the pigmentation treatment for skin, especially dark circles. This is a state of the art technology where the selective emission of radio frequency (RF) and charged energy light (IPL) takes place and only the pigmented areas absorb these radiations, thereby avoiding the surrounding tissue. The combination of radiations does not require a large amount of melanin-dependent light energy for successful treatment. An added benefit is that activates certain skin cells called fibroblasts which simulate the production and remodelling of collagen and benefitted as laser scar removal treatment. This, in turn, effectively rejuvenates the skin which results in the reduction of pores in visible areas, improvement of texture and reduction of superficial fine lines, reduces wrinkles and dark circles, thereby portraying a more jolly and youthful appearance and hence the best treatment for face pigmentation.

Being non-invasive, laser therapy for face does not take more than 25 minutes which allows clients to schedule appointments at a short notice. The patients and therapists wear protective eyewear because of the E-Light pulses being very bright. Gel and a smooth, glass surface of the E-Light handpiece are applied to the skin by the therapist during treatment after which a combination of radio frequency (RF) and charged energy light (IPL) is delivered to the area in precise, pain-free pulses. Some redness and a little heat are initially felt by the patients after treatment, which might last for an hour.

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