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How belly fat leads to Diabetes?

Obesity, as discussed by us a lot in previous blogs, is definitely considered being on rising as an epidemic. Also, obesity giving rise to Diabetes or vice versa is also another important aspect for the study. Obesity is defined as excess storage of fat, in men more than 25% and females more than 30 % are considered as Obese. Excess fat around the abdomen (around the waistline) is known as central obesity which is considered as one of the high-risk obesity factors.
It was estimated in 2018, that there were more than 500 million prevalent cases of type 2 diabetes worldwide and the major reason being Obesity not only in high-income the prevalence is seen even in low socioeconomic countries. Consequently, diabetes is linked to the upsurge in obesity emerging to reach pandemic levels by 2030. One is at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, particularly, if you have excess weight around your tummy.

How does belly fat cause diabetes:
Abdominal fat causes fat cells to release ‘proinflamatory chemical’ which can make the body less sensitive to the insulin, also disrupting the function of insulin-responsive cells and their ability to respond to insulin. It is also said to trigger the metabolism of the body, which in turn causes fat tissues to release fat molecules in the blood. These affect the insulin-responsive cells and leads to insulin sensitivity which further leads to type 2 Diabetes.
The risk of cardiovascular disease is considerably greater among obese and diabetics where an increased waist-to-hip ratio is a strong predictor of ischemic heart disease and stroke.

Obese and diabetic patients should undergo lifestyle changes and advanced non-surgical fat loss treatments. One can lose fat from targeted areas of the body to destroy unwanted fat cells located up to 1.5 centimetres under the skin and can be certain of losing 1 to 3 inches from tummy, waist, hips, arms, and/or thighs, for a well-shaped body.
Obesity also accelerates the process of ageing resulting into sagging of the abdomen, saddlebags, and puffiness of the face, double chin and baggy eyelids. Nonsurgical treatments are scientific, painless and are ideal for men and women who want to get rid of excess fat and need body toning and firming for a perfectly sculpted body and face.

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