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More than half of the western, as well as urban population, is trying to lose weight. Shedding weight is difficult nowadays considering the busy life and the modern standard of living. Maintaining a steady weight is even harder. Unhealthy obsession with scales, kilograms and weight should be stopped and the focus should be more on your muscle mass, metabolic rate and the circumference of your waist. Weight management therapy plays a significant role in helping those who need help in maintaining a healthy weight.
According to WHO, obesity is a disease. But according to others, it’s actually a lifestyle disorder. Obesity is a condition when there is excess fat storage and when BMI is higher than 30. It is a serious complex disease with strong genetic/ hereditary, environmental, cultural and lifestyle mismanagement components. Men having more than 25% of fat and females with more than 30% of fat are considered Obese. Obesity enhances the risk of a number of health conditions such as type 2 Diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, gallstones, liver disorder, kidney stones, gout, osteoarthritis, cancer, etc. Obesity control is a matter that must be taken into a priority by those living an unhealthy lifestyle.
The proper dietary choices can have a significant effect on our wellbeing and longevity. It also extends your workout by kick-starting your digestion system to accelerate the metabolism and thereby increasing fat breakdown.
Exercise is an important aspect of boosting metabolism. Physical activity of any sort definitely renders a useful impact on obesity control. Calories are a difficult one to manage, even 100 calories a day translates into 5 Kg of weight gain in a year. In 5 years that’s 25 kgs. A body doesn’t keep a track on the amount of consumption of fatty things or the calories burned through physical exertion. It only tracks the net calories. If you adopt that mindset, you will begin working with your body, not against it and when that happens you will begin to control your weight.
There is also a common fallacy to assume that obese or overweight people have a slower metabolic rate and that they are somehow just not burning enough calories.
Basal metabolic rate (BMR) indicates the biggest component of total energy used and could be a major supporter of energy balance. Hence, precisely evaluating BMR is basic for creating thorough weight gain prevention and control procedures.
Proper diet and nutrition, keeping track on the intake should offer help in regulating the process efficiently and overall there will be health improvement too.
The main mechanism for obesity control is not just dieting, its muscle metabolism. Your basal metabolic rate is the rate at which your body utilizes energy. Calories are the measuring unit of heat energy. When metabolism is higher, you burn more fat and have an easier time losing weight (fat) or maintaining your ideal body weight. You can feed your muscles the best food and vitamin supplements in the world, but if they’re not tuned up—if they’re not exercised—they won’t burn up the calories in those foods. As you age, if you don’t continue to keep your muscles exercised, your metabolism slows down and you’ll gain weight more easily than you did when you were young. Exercise is the key to controlling metabolism.
The danger of all diets, especially when they are not balanced in terms of providing enough protein, is that you end up losing muscle than when you eventually stop dieting and all dieters eventually get tired of dieting, the same amount of food will make you gain even more weight since your metabolism is now slower, thanks to the dreaded yo-yo dieting mechanism having taken root.
Here comes in the role of Healthy and Balanced Diets. A high protein diet with slight modifications is always substantial to lead a Healthy Living. But when it comes to being in Shape and Sculpted body, Modified Diets and Exercise alone are just not enough.
Obesity is treated by combining fat loss with weight loss, by giving proper nutritious diet, increasing physical activity and adopting healthy lifestyle modification
One tends to lose weight with dieting and not fat. Fat loss can be best achieved with various and advanced Non-surgical technologies wherein one loses 1 to 3 inches at the end of just one hour without any pain and side effects. These treatments are non-invasive, scientific, painless and therapeutic; and have permanent results, do not carry any serious risks to health or otherwise.
To maintain your sculpted figure, you can make a few lifestyle changes and incorporate physical activity and a healthy diet in your daily life. Seeking help from a good health therapist or obesity consultant would be the right approach. Weight management clinic such as Dr.Manjiri’s Instasculpt in Thane, Mumbai can provide you with various non-surgical and painless treatments that can help you achieve the body you desire.

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