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Fat reduction treatment with advance Laser technology

Weight gain and abdominal obesity are one of the major problematic issues in our society. An increase in body weight can be due to many factors. But excessive weight gain usually leads to future complications in the form of life threatening diseases such as obesity, heart problems, depression among the others. Self confidence certainly drops down once you find that the body looks flabby in the mirror. Clothes become ill fitting which normally is not what everybody like. Many a times even after following proper diet and exercise, weight and fat does not reduce.

Modern lifestyle, hormonal imbalances and heredity are few cause abdominal obesity. With the help of advance laser treatment unnecessary fats in any part of the body can be reduced safely and non surgically.

At first, upto 1 inch of fat underneath the skin is extricated with the assistance of Endermology. It involves mechanical massaging, rolling on the skin surface to increase the blood flow and stimulate the breakup of stubborn deposits of cellulite and elimination of excess fluid and fat cells and thereby enhancing fat loss in particular.  After this, with the help of advanced laser technology fat cells are treated for 1-2 hrs.

Lipo laser is a revolutionary non invasive method of contouring treatment that uses a scientific principle of heat energy (laser) an FDA approved procedure to kill fat cells underneath the skin to the point of elimination.

 Lipo laser features the combination of bipolar radiofrequency (RF), vacuum, mechanical massage, Infrared light energy plus laser energy.  The combination of all in a particularly outlined way makes a difference in smoothening the skin surface for secure and successful conveyance of heat energy and thus breaking down of fat cells and dissolving it. If skin is very loose then Radio frequency is used for tightening and the individual is advised to have plenty of water for 2-3 days. Slowly the fat cells are metabolized and in 8-10 days the stomach size regresses.  If abdomen girth is above 35 inches then laser treatment is repeated again after 15 days.

Benefits of Laser treatment:

  • Non invasive and non surgical
  • Effective , is scientifically and clinically proven
  • It is safe, destroys fat cells with no damage to other tissues
  • Lunch hour procedure, no downtime needed
  • Reshapes body after pregnancy or any surgery
  • Contours and tones the body.

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