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Secret to maintain your weight loss-by Founder of Insta-Sculpt Clinics Dr. Manjiri Puranik

Secret to maintain your weight loss – by Founder of Insta-Sculpt Clinics Dr. Manjiri Puranik

There is now- a- day’s lot of fad around weight loss, fat loss etc. Obesity in today’s generation has become an epidemic. So weight loss is definitely considered as a biggest achievement for individuals. With all advancement in science and technology, various treatments for weight loss have come up. Rapid weight loss is also seen thus. But my point is rapid loss may not be the permanent loss. And one may ask why that is so. The reason being, this weight loss may not be the actual fat loss, it can be water loss or some lean tissue loss which makes the chances of relapses/ weight gain common. So to add further, I would say more than the weight loss, weight maintenance is what takes my attention.
In my research work on Obesity in UK conference, I came upon the abstract which shows that amongst 100% of weight losers only 20% were successful at keeping their weight constant. So, in order to reap the benefits of the lost weight, it has to be maintained too. So there are few things mentioned below which I have noticed in my patients who have really well balanced the weight which they have lost with us.
1. Lifestyle modification – The process of starting the journey of weight loss then being in the process of weight loss and finally the state where the weight is lost will all be different. The current scenario where you see a new healthy you is what you need to take care of. So some changes in the regular routine will bump off the unnecessary chances of accumulation of fat. To start with, keep breakfast as your important meal of the day. Physical activity of some sort is critical to maintain the lost weight. Walking can also be a preferred activity. Make it as compulsory as taking bath every day. Eating right is more important that eating light. So once even if you feel your weight loss target is reached, the habit of compensatory diet should continue. So say no to special diets, special food, magic pills etc. as they are short lived.
2. Set an intention – Intentions are the foundation to make your reality. So if your goal is to retain the weight loss, then you need to set your intentions right. So may it be in quantity of food you take or selection of food you do, set your intentions right.
3. Know your body – Every individual is different. So in different situation there is very different reaction. You are the only one who knows what and how your body will react to particular situation. It takes time to imbibe healthy habits, good habits into routine. Give time to your body, understand your weakness and try to overcome them slowly. Temptations to particular food or drink or situation will wear off eventually if you keep your ideas and resolve strong.
4. Work on stress buster– Lastly the major reason of weight bouncing back is stress. And of course you would think I would say the age old saying ‘Stay away from stress’. But no I would not say that. Stress has become a part and parcel of life in today’s generation. You are wherever or however good your lifestyle, stress is always a mandatory accessory to life. So the idea is how you handle this stress. There is lot of stress relieving activity like yoga, meditation, music, any activity for that matter. Indulge in some or the other thing which makes your soul happy. Sleep of course is another integral part of it.
So saying thus, I hope some of the above mentioned things will definitely inspire and encourage you to maintain your hard earned weight loss. And I also hope you would in turn support and motivate the others trying to achieve their weight loss goals.

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