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Healthy hair

Miracle foods for healthy hair: ‘You are what you eat” is the apt line to enforce the importance of proper and healthy diet for lustrous and healthy looking hair for the wedding season. Nutritional deficiency of any form results in dry, brittle hair and eventually hair loss. The tip for the beautiful and lustrous hair …

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Body Contouring

What is it? –  Body contouring is a procedure of expelling unwanted deposits of fat or cellulite and excess sagging skin from previously obese body. This helps in reshaping of the body giving it a better proportionate and smooth appearance. The results of body contouring are generally long-lasting, provided that you maintain a regular diet …

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Anti Ageing

Our skin is the one which is exposed to all sorts of things such as bad weather, sun, harmful habits, stress etc. There are things which can be controlled and some things which cannot be controlled. Thing which is not in our control is natural ageing process.  Again this depends on the lifestyle, hereditary, personal …

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